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I’m Back

Posted: October 26, 2009 in cake, Camaro, pain, service

Well I have not been on in a few days. I have not really been feeling well lately. There has also been a bunch of things going on with the wife and her new business. Things are going good for her, just slow. If you want to see just visit her web page at CELEBRATEWITHCAKEBILOX.BLOGSPOT.COM I know it is long, but it is a good site, for us beginners. I have also been trying to work a little more around the house, but it is very painful most of the time. The pills that I take for pain are really not working so well lately. I have an appointment in the first part of the month to talk to my primary care provider at the VA. Also the rheumatologist put me on a different medicine for my fibromyalgia, we will see if it works. The first med. he put me on did nothing for the pain. Also this month I am going to see my mental health provider, I have been having a bunch of bad dreams. Mostly my dreams are about being back in the shit all over again. I wake up from a dead sleep and not know where I am and it is really scary for me and my wife. Last night I woke up screaming, don’t know about what, but it scared my wife and the dog bad. I have also set straight up in bed ready to fight and really kill something, and my wife has to talk me back down. That also may be why my back is hurting so bad. I had back surgery in August. I am still trying to recover from that. I know what you are saying that I am a big mess. Yes I am, but it is a small price to pay for service to my country. The bad thing about that is that most people will never know what that feels like.

Here are some pics. of the new game Army of Two 40th Day and the 2010 Camaro it is bad ass!!!


Just Dumb

Posted: October 10, 2009 in gun monkeys, man fired, NRA

Ok this is something that I found on the NRA website. I am only going to put the link and you may choose to read about it.

This man was fired because he looked at a gun website. Yes he should not have been surfing the web at work, but come on. I have found my little Gun Monkeys doing the same and all I tell them is to turn it off and get back to work. If it happens again then I was forced to put it on paper, but most of the time it never happened again. That or they just got smarter about doing it, which was fine by me, because then no one else would see them looking at the web.


Posted: October 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

I cannot believe that they gave Barack Hussein Obama II the Nobel Peace prize. He has not done a thing for my country. I am out of the military now so I can say he is one of the biggest pieces of shit I have ever seen. He started off with Acorn, wow that should tell you something. Then there is the fact that we really don’t know for sure if he was born a U S citizen. He has got this country believing his bullshit. Come on people open your eyes, we have lost millions of jobs since he has taken office. That and now we as Americans own the GM corporation, but is any of the money going to pay off the national debt, no it is going to the people who bought the elections for him, the unions. The GM share holders were by law to be paid before the auto union. Did that happen, NO and that is just the stuff that I have seen, a 29 year old who has taken off the blinders. I think that Congress and the Office of the President should be a service to the country, and you should not be paid for it. That brings up another thing, why in the fuck do we have ear marks? That right there should be made a felony, to create an ear mark. We as a people of the United States need to wake up and put a stop to all this horseshit. Take back this country from big government and return more power to the states, as this country was formed. If there was a way to go back in time, I would go back and get George Washington, bring him back here to run this country. Most likely he would say that the American Revolution with England was not worth it. Also one of his first priorities would be to put the National Guard on the north and south border with permission to use deadly force. By that I mean on a six month rotation each state would send its National Guard unit’s to the borders and secure them. People may leave when they choose, but to come back they better be legal. If someone tries to “jump the border,” then shoot to kill period no matter who it might be. Yes my family was not Native American, but they came to this country legally, so should everyone else. Wait, before you say I have no idea what I am talking about. I lived in El Paso, Texas for 20 years. My home was a 30 min walk to the border with Mexico. I had to go to school with people who were not even U.S. citizens. I have seen people who refuse to speak English in school, so they put them in special classes that where Spanish speaking only, all the way into high school. Now whenever I went to Mexico, I had to speak Spanish to get anything. So I think it should be the same here in the U.S. I know that most people want to come here to make more money, fine good do it the correct way.


Posted: October 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today was just like all the rest of the days here rain and more rain.  Oh, yea and stupid hot with 100% humidity.  I walked outside at 1200hrs and was soaked, not by rain but by the humidity.  
I went to the VA to pick up my meds.  I won’t tell you all what they are, but they are some good shit.  Anyway I saw a Vet.  who looks to be from the Vietnam area and he had lost both leg below the knee.  After I saw that I now feel that I am lucky for what I have.  I hurt everyday all day, but at least I can walk.

I wish I had my camera today, it is Cruising the Coast time.  I saw so many nice muscle cars today.  It makes me really want to get my Rat Rod going.  First I need to buy an old ’30’s to ’60’s car.  Before that I need to buy a house.  Before that I need to get the VA and Social Security off their ass and get moving. 

What really pisses me off is the fact that I can not get in touch with any Service Officers from the VFW or the DAV.  If anyone reading this knows how to get in touch with them in Mississippi, please help me out.

Here is another pic. of me working on my missille launcher.  This was back when I was young.

Cherry Boy No More

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well I finally did it, had to open up a blog. Just like everyone else. Today I helped my wife think of a name for her new business. Once we get things going a little bit more I will post the meat and potatoes about it.

I will also hopefully have a bunch of links to some good Intel. I just need to get the owners permission and it is on. Every once in a while I will post some pics just to let you all in on a little bite of the past and the now.

This first pic is of my Missile Launch on the DeWert. The Navy name is Mk 13 mod 4; most people know it as the Tarter Missile System. It was operated with hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics, and electronics, also a lot of luck. Now the Navy has removed most if not all Launchers from the Fleet.