Cherry Boy No More

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well I finally did it, had to open up a blog. Just like everyone else. Today I helped my wife think of a name for her new business. Once we get things going a little bit more I will post the meat and potatoes about it.

I will also hopefully have a bunch of links to some good Intel. I just need to get the owners permission and it is on. Every once in a while I will post some pics just to let you all in on a little bite of the past and the now.

This first pic is of my Missile Launch on the DeWert. The Navy name is Mk 13 mod 4; most people know it as the Tarter Missile System. It was operated with hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanics, and electronics, also a lot of luck. Now the Navy has removed most if not all Launchers from the Fleet.


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