I’m Back

Posted: October 26, 2009 in cake, Camaro, pain, service

Well I have not been on in a few days. I have not really been feeling well lately. There has also been a bunch of things going on with the wife and her new business. Things are going good for her, just slow. If you want to see just visit her web page at CELEBRATEWITHCAKEBILOX.BLOGSPOT.COM I know it is long, but it is a good site, for us beginners. I have also been trying to work a little more around the house, but it is very painful most of the time. The pills that I take for pain are really not working so well lately. I have an appointment in the first part of the month to talk to my primary care provider at the VA. Also the rheumatologist put me on a different medicine for my fibromyalgia, we will see if it works. The first med. he put me on did nothing for the pain. Also this month I am going to see my mental health provider, I have been having a bunch of bad dreams. Mostly my dreams are about being back in the shit all over again. I wake up from a dead sleep and not know where I am and it is really scary for me and my wife. Last night I woke up screaming, don’t know about what, but it scared my wife and the dog bad. I have also set straight up in bed ready to fight and really kill something, and my wife has to talk me back down. That also may be why my back is hurting so bad. I had back surgery in August. I am still trying to recover from that. I know what you are saying that I am a big mess. Yes I am, but it is a small price to pay for service to my country. The bad thing about that is that most people will never know what that feels like.

Here are some pics. of the new game Army of Two 40th Day and the 2010 Camaro it is bad ass!!!


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