Posted: April 17, 2010 in ENLISTMENT Update 13

: In general, the following conditions will render one ineligible for enlistment, and waivers will not normally be granted:
• Intoxicated or under influence of alcohol or drugs at time of application, or at any stage of processing for enlistment.
• Having history of psychotic disorders or state of insanity.
• Questionable moral character.
• Alcoholism.
• Drug dependence.
• Sexual perversion.
• History of antisocial behavior.
• History of frequent or chronic venereal disease.
• Previously separated for unfitness, unsuitability, unsatisfactory performance, misconduct or bar to reenlistment, with 18 or more years of active Federal service completed.
• Military retirees (can be waived in some cases).
• Persons unable to present written evidence (official documents) of prior service claimed, until such service has been verified.
• Persons whose enlistment are not clearly consistent with interests of national security.
• Last discharged or separated from a component of a U.S. Armed Force, with an other than honorable or general administrative discharge.
• Criminal or juvenile court charges filed or pending against them by civil authorities.
• Persons under civil restraint, such as confinement, parole, or probation.
• Subject of initial civil court conviction or adverse disposition for more than one felony offense.
• Civil conviction of a felony with three or more offenses (convictions or other adverse dispositions) other than traffic. Applicants with juvenile felony offenses who have had no offenses within 5 years of application for enlistment may be considered for a waiver in meritorious cases.
• Subject of initial civil court conviction or other adverse dispositions for sale, distribution, or trafficking (including “Intent To:) of cannabis (marijuana), or any other controlled substance.
• Prior Service with an RE-Code of “4.” (Note: The Army will sometimes waive a re-enlistment eligibility code of “4,” when that code was issued by another service, and the individual’s discharge characterization is “uncharacterized,” or “honorable.”
• Persons with a Bad Conduct or Dishonorable punitive (court-martial) discharge.
• Persons with prior service last discharged from any component of the Armed Forces for drug or alcohol abuse, or as rehab failure during their last period of service.
• Three or more convictions or other adverse dispositions for driving while intoxicated, drugged, or impaired in the 5 years preceding application for enlistment.
• Confirmed positive drug test at MEPS. (Note: The Navy, Marine Corps, and Army may waive this, after a waiting period. The Coast Guard and Air Force never waive this).
• Persons with convictions or other adverse dispositions for 5 or more misdemeanors preceding application for enlistment.
• Alien without lawful admittance or legal residence in the United States.
• Permanently retired by reason of physical disability.
• Individuals receiving disability compensation from the VA (may be waived in some cases, as long as the member agrees to give up the disability compensation).
• Officers removed from active or inactive service by reason of having attained maximum age or service.
• Discharged by reason of conscientious objection.
[Source: About.com: U.S. Military Rod Powers article 19 Sep 09 ++]


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