Reserve/Guard Tricare Update

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TRICARE‘s commitment to providing quality medical care to beneficiaries affiliated with the uniformed services includes National Guard and Reserve members and retirees. Several health care options are available to reservists and their families. But their eligibility for certain plans is determined by the sponsor‘s status.
– Activated. While activated under federal orders for more than 30 consecutive days, National Guard and Reserve members are eligible for the same health care benefits as other active duty service members. These benefits include TRICARE Prime, Prime Remote, TRICARE Overseas Program (TOP) Prime and TOP Prime Remote. Enrollment is required for TRICARE Prime options. The families of activated National Guard and Reserve members are covered under the same health plans as other active duty family members. Families can learn more about the available plans by clicking the ―Quick Links‖ tab located on the home page at
– Deactivated or less than 30 days. National Guard and Reserve members who are deactivated or serving on active duty for 30 days or less are covered for any injury, illness or disease sustained in the line of duty, including conditions incurred or aggravated while traveling directly to and from their place of duty. In order to receive coverage for such injuries, guard and reserve members must obtain a Line of Duty Determination/Notice of Eligibility (LOD/NOE) from their respective service component. Line of duty coverage is separate from customary TRICARE health plans and does not apply to family members.
– TAMP. The duty status of reservists can change quite often. The Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) provides temporary health care coverage to National Guard and Reserve members and their families. TAMP covers uniformed service members and their eligible family members for 180 days beginning the day after the sponsor separates from active duty, giving beneficiaries some time to make arrangements regarding their ongoing health insurance. To become eligible, National Guard and Reserve members must have separated from an active duty stint that was more than 30 consecutive days and conducted in support of a named contingency operation. While sponsors and family members covered by TAMP are assigned TRICARE Standard and Extra or TOP Standard options, they may enroll in TRICARE Prime or TOP Prime where available.
– CHCBP. Reservists who are deactivated under other than adverse conditions and do not qualify for TAMP or TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) may be able to purchase premium-based health coverage under the Continued Health Care Benefit Program (CHCBP), which provides temporary coverage starting the day after TAMP and other military health care benefits expire. If eligible, Reserve component (RC) members can purchase CHCBP within 60 days of losing their regular TRICARE or TAMP benefits. Coverage is limited to 18 months for former active duty service members who are deactivated under other than adverse conditions and their eligible family members. CHCBP coverage is limited to 36 months for eligible unremarried former spouses, children who no longer qualify for TRICARE benefits as an eligible family member and certain unmarried children by adoption or legal custody. RC members must verify their eligibility for transitional health care benefits by contacting their nearest military personnel office or Real-Time Automated Personnel Identification System (RAPIDS) identification (ID) card-issuing facility. To find the nearest ID card office, visit the Rapids Site Locator website at
-TRS. Inactive Selected Reserve members of the Ready Reserve who are not eligible for the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program may qualify to purchase the TRS health plan for themselves and their families. Retired reserve members who are under the age of 60 and not eligible for the FEHB program may be eligible to purchase the TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR) plan.
As always, beneficiaries must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) in order to remain eligible for TRICARE programs. Visit for more information about updating your DEERS records. Additional information about TRICARE eligibility can be found at [Source: Tricare News Release 21 Jul 2011 ++]


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