Patton Cologne

Posted: September 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

The U.S. Army has released a cologne named for the World War II hero Gen. George S. Patton. The scent, dubbed simply "Patton," is the Army's licensed, official fragrance. The cologne was not initiated by anyone in the Patton family, but they took the news with good humor. Daughter-in-law Joanne Patton said, "It was a surprise to me. We'll wait to see how and why," she said, chuckling. "… I was surprised that a perfume for General Patton wouldn't be smelling like diesel fuel." Gen. Patton, who died in 1945, owned what is now Green Meadows Farm in Hamilton. His son, also a general named George, lived there until his death in 2004, and his widow, Joanne, still lives on the Asbury Street property. Patton cologne is made by California-based Parfumologie. A portion of proceeds from sales of Patton, and the scents Parfumologie has created for each branch of the armed forces (Riptide for the Coast Guard, Devil Dogs for the Marines and Stealth for the Air Force), are donated to the Veterans Administration. The line of colognes was first released in 2009, but made news in AUG after the Patton cologne was mentioned on the Military Times news website. Patton is advertised as a woodsy blend of lavender, citrus, coconut, cedar, sage, tonka bean, bergamot and lime. [Source: The Salem News Bethany Bray article 10 Aug 2011 ++]


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