TSP Update 22

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Federal employees and members of the uniformed services (active duty or Ready Reserve) are eligible to participate in the Thrift Saving Plan TSP). As of 20 DEC 2010, spouses who are beneficiaries of deceased civilian and uniformed services TSP participants may inherit those assets. These spouses have the same benefits and privileges as separated TSP participants. In JUL all but two of the investment options in the federal employee retirement savings plan posted losses after two months of similar declines. Details of the Plan's performance for JUL are:
 The F Fund, which invests in fixed-income bonds, saw a small gain for the month, up 1.59 percent. The F Fund has increased 4.39 percent so far this year.
 The stable government securities in the G Fund also posted small monthly growth of 0.22 percent. The G Fund rose 1.66 percent this year.
 The S Fund, which invests in small and midsize companies and tracks the Dow Jones Wilshire 4500 Index, saw the largest drop for the month, decreasing 3.14 percent. The S Fund has gained 3.81 percent this year to date.
 The C Fund — invested in common stocks of large companies on the Standard & Poor's 500 Index — declined 2.04 percent. The C Fund is up 3.85 percent for the year.
 The international stocks in the I Fund went down 1.60 percent. The I Fund is up 3.59 percent so far this year.
All the life-cycle funds, designed to move investors to less risky portfolios as they get closer to retirement, saw losses for the third month in a row. The L 2040 dropped 1.49 percent in June; L 2030 declined 1.25 percent; L 2020 lost 0.94 percent; and L Income, for federal employees who have reached their target retirement date and have started withdrawing money, dropped 0.14 percent. The new L 2050 Fund, which opened on Jan. 31, declined 1.75
percent. L 2040 is up 3.81 percent so far this year, with L 2030 close behind at 3.60 percent and L 2020 up 3.31 percent. L Income grew 2.36 percent in that time. [Source: GovExec.com Emily Long article 1 Aug 2011 ++]


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