JCSDR Update 04

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

A congressman from Colorado who has served in both the Army and the Marine Corps is suggesting a shift of 100,000 active-component troops to the National Guard and the Reserve as a cost-cutting measure. The plan from Rep. Mike Coffman (R-CO) was mentioned in a recent letter to the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reductions and reported in Army Times. The committee is charged with finding $1.5 trillion in savings in the federal budget by the end of November, part of the deal made to raise the debt ceiling limit over the summer. Read the letter here. Coffman‘s plan would save $90 billion over 10 years, the publication reported. Also, it quoted a statement from Coffman‘s office citing the average total annual cost to maintain one soldier on active duty as $130,000. The same soldier in the Guard or Reserve would cost $37,000. ―I have served in the Army, the Army Reserve, the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps Reserve and I know from experience that we can retain our capability while reducing cost by transferring some of our units from active-duty into the reserve,‖ Coffman wrote. He also pointed out that savings also would come from the less expensive retirement system for Guard and Reserve troops, which he said is about one-third the cost of the active-component retirement benefit system. [Source: NGAUS Washington Report 27 Sep 2011 ++]


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