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Some service members who are catastrophically wounded, injured or ill are now eligible for compensation designed to offset the economic burden primary caregivers incur when assisting them. The Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (SCAADL) is designed to mitigate this financial hardship. The following is germane to the program:
 All service members who have a catastrophic injury or illness incurred or aggravated in the line of duty are eligible to apply for SCAADL
 SCAADL is not automatic. the service member or guardian must apply and a DoD or VA physician certifies eligibility. A service member should contact a member of his or her recovery team (to include the Primary Care Manager, Nurse Case Manager, Recovery Care Coordinator, Non-Medical Case Manager, or unit leadership) for the SCAADL application form and guidance.
 Applications for SCAADL require DD Form 2948 which must be completed by a licensed DoD or VA physician.
 If denied, appeals must be submitted to the Commanding Officer, Wounded Warrior Regiment. All medical reviews and opinions must be included.
 Service members who have been authorized an Non Medical Attendant (NMA) should not assume entitlement to SCAADL. NMAs are authorized by physicians and designated by the service member. However, there is no stringent clinical review applied to this designation as there is with SCAADL.
 As long as the service member is in outpatient status for the majority of the month (more than 15 days) he / she will still be eligible for SCAADL.
 Monthly payment amounts are based upon the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics wage rate for home health aides and are adjusted by several factors.
 Amounts are based on geographic location and care needs. Amounts may change if the service member moves or his/her care needs change. Also, SCAADL requires recertification every 180 days (or when medical or geographic conditions change) to ensure payment accuracy.
 SCAADL is paid directly to the service member, not the service member‘s designated caregiver. It is up to the service member to ensure the compensation flows accordingly.
 SCAADL is taxable compensation.
 A military member cannot be designated as a primary caregiver for purposes of SCAADL.
 While SCAADL is intended for service members, you may receive it up to 90 days after separation from the service.
 For more information, refer to the Wounded Warrior Regiment fact sheet at
[Source: NAUS Weekly Update 16 Sep 2011 ++]


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