Iraq Star Foundation

Posted: March 11, 2012 in Uncategorized

Despite powerful life-saving measures on the battlefield and longer-term medical support stateside, many soldiers face long waiting lists for reconstructive surgery. Iraq Star picks up where the military and VA leave off by providing the reconstructive, aesthetic, surgical procedures that can hasten a happier more normal return to his/her existing military or pre-war life. These procedures are performed by Board Certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons who donate their skills. Iraq Star pays for the soldiers transportation, hotel accommodations, food, anesthesia, hospital operating room, medical supplies and sends a loved one with them. Iraq Star is a growing national foundation with 265 surgeons in 44 states providing their skills to remove shrapnel, treat burn scars, revise artillery scars, implant eyebrows, tooth restoration, etc. for soldiers wounded in the Iraq and/or Afghanistan wars. Their mission is to prevent these wars from permanently disfiguring young lives. If you or someone you know can use their services contact the Iraq Star Foundation at (310) 245-6775, (760) 568-403.9 or email. For additional info and videos about their life changing surgeries refer to and/or [Source: Military connection Newsletter 25 Feb 2012 ++]


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