Manila VARO and OPC Update 04

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Veterans Affairs Manila Regional Office (VARO) and Outpatient Clinic (OPC) provide Philippines veterans numerous ways to obtain information and communicate with them. Depending on your needs the following are germane:

1. U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Manila Regional Office 1501 Roxas Boulevard 1302 Pasay City, Trunkline (632) 550-3888; Toll Free No: 1-800-1888-5252; Fax No: (632) 550-3944;
2. Websites:
 VA:;
 U.S. Embassy
 Inquiry Routing & Information System (IRIS)
3. Confidential help for Veterans and their families:
 When in Metro Manila dial 550-3967
 When using a globe cell phone, please dial 02-550-3967
 When using a smart cell phone, please dial 550-3967
 Toll-Free number using a land line and outside of Metro Manila 1-800-10-273-8255
4. Facebook: | manila.usembassy
5. Outpatient Clinic (OPC): Trunkline (632) 318-8387 Toll Free No: 1-800-1888-8782 Fax No: (632) 310-5957 Pharmacy: (632) 556-8387
6. AudioCare.
 Callers (with PLDT line or affiliate) outside Metro Manila TOLL FREE 1-800-1888-8387 (1-800-1888-VETS)
 Callers within the Metro Manila Area (02 area code) should still continue to use 556-8387 (556-VETS).
Note: Benefits of using Audio Care are:
 Using AudioCare for prescription refill is fast and does not require you speak to a pharmacist.
 If a patient cannot be contacted due to a busy signal or no answer, the system re-calls the patient at user-defined intervals and calls next day
 Reminds patients of appointment date and time
 Prompts patients to cancel or re-schedule appointments


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