Tricare User Fees

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

On 14 MAR Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee Rep. “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) gave a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. His speech concentrated on the implications of proposed massive cuts to the DoD budget and what he believed are the priorities needed to sustain a strong national defense. Chairman McKeon highlighted the fact that our military is worn out and needs to replace much of the equipment that has been used up in over a decade of war. He also questioned why the Navy was cutting more ships, the Air Force was reducing the number of squadrons and that there would be over 100,000 fewer Army and Marine Corps troops. He also said, “But explain to me why defense is less than twenty percent of federal budget, but has accounted for half of our spending cuts to date.” NAUS agrees with Rep. McKeon in that defense is a core responsibility of our federal, and there are many lower priority areas or areas of recognized serious fraudulent activity (Medicare loses more than $70 billion annually to fraud) ripe for reductions that deserve scrutiny.
One area Chairman McKeon mentioned was the promises made to the troops in regards to health care. The Chairman said, “…recent proposals to pump up military health care fees by up to three hundred percent is absolutely unacceptable. “When our troops made a decision to volunteer for service, they entered a sacred agreement with this government—a moral contract. Part of that agreement was that their medical needs will be met. We made a solemn covenant with them — we cannot, and we must not break it.” NAUS stands with the Chairman McKeon’s statement. As the Chairman said, all Members of Congress need to know that military retirees and veterans should not be the first on the block when reductions in federal spending are demanded. Unfortunately, the Administration has put uniformed services retirees and their families on the chopping block. To see how the Pentagon chops TRICARE Health Care go to To send a message to your elected officials on the TRICARE proposed increases using the NAUS CapWiz system go to and click on the item listed in the Current Action Alert list titled, “Pentagon Demands TRICARE Fee Increase“. [Source: NAUS Weekly Update 16 Mar 2012 ++]


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