Stolen Valor Update

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Under fire for embellishing his service in the Navy during the Vietnam War, Mayor John Spodofora has decided he will not seek re-election this year, according to the local Republican Club. In an email to club members late Friday night, the club’s screening committee said it was notified 22 MAR by Spodofora that he had withdrawn his request for the club’s endorsement in the November election. During a Township Council meeting Spodofora admitted he was never in Vietnam despite previously stating he could not reveal what he did in the war because he was a spy or “a spook.” He also said on his campaign website that he was awarded the “Vietnam War Medal of Valor,” which does not exist, and called himself a “Vietnam veteran.” The “Medal of Valor” was awarded to Spodofora by a hunting club in Tucson, Ariz. The admission came amid a controversy which erupted when Republican Club President Martha Kremer started looking into Spodofora’s stated service record a couple of months ago. Kremer’s late husband, Kirk, served in the Army’s 173rd Airborne in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969.
Mayor John Spodofora
Before the dispute over his military records surfaced, Spodofora was expected to receive the Republican endorsement to run for re-election without opposition for the nomination. Because the club by-laws require that a candidate be screened, or interviewed, before being voted on for an endorsement and only Spodofora was screened to run for mayor, the committee plans to propose that the rule be suspended at the next club meeting y. The committee will recommend that a motion be adopted that would allow anyone to be nominated from the floor to run for the office of mayor, according to the email. “This notice is to let you know there is currently no candidate for mayor for the Stafford Township Republican Club at this time and we will have to select one next Monday since the state petition deadline is the following Monday, April 2,” the email reads. April 2 is the deadline for candidates to file petitions to run in the June 5 primary election. “We discussed many options, complications and alternate proposals but believe this option is the most democratic way to proceed,” the email says. “It, of course, is only our recommendation. This email is to notify the club of this recent turn of events.” [Source: Asbury Park Press Erik Larsen article 22 Mar 2012 ++]

  1. Martha Kremer says:

    Once again, John Spodofora lied. He is running for Mayor of Stafford Township with the endorsement of the Stafford Townsip Regular Republican Club. Seems that it’s OK for politicians to steal valor now. God help us!

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