Student Veterans of America

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

On 26 APR Student Veterans of America (SVA) published the list of 26 for-profit institutions whose SVA charters had been revoked. The removal of SVA chapters resulted from a routine, annual review of all chapters. "SVA chapters must be established and led by student veterans. Student veteran organizations in development, or created by university administrators, defeats the fundamental spirit of the SVA chapter,” said Michael Dakduk, Executive Director of Student Veterans of America. "In addition to being a peer support group, SVA chapters exist as campus and community based advocacy organizations. It appears that some for-profit schools do not understand our model, or worse –they understand our model and they choose to exploit it for personal gain.” This is important because:
1) It defrauds veterans seeking advice from SVA’s student leaders;
2) It deters veterans who would otherwise form chapters at these campuses;
3) It misrepresents these chapters as being a point of contact for veterans seeking out their peers who can help them with transition issues and introduce them to a community of individuals that share similar experiences;
4) It undermines the legitimacy and reputation of SVA.
Many military and veteran-friendly school lists cite having a SVA chapter as a criterion for becoming ‘veteran-friendly’. The term ‘military-friendly’, or ‘veteran-friendly’, as it relates to academic institutions is ill-defined. "I am concerned that certain for-profit schools may be taking advantage of the SVA brand to legitimize their programs. This may be an example of certain schools establishing fake SVA chapters to appear on a military-friendly list. By being featured on these lists, those schools can then advertise their programs as accommodating to veterans –although the term military and veteran friendly lacks any real definition. This is an extreme example of misrepresentation. There is a pattern of impropriety among certain for-profit institutions of higher learning.” Those found to be in non-compliance are:
 Allied American University
 Anthem College-Online
 Argosy University-Online
 Argosy University-San Bernardino
 Art Institute Of California-Orange County
 Art Institute Of California-Sacramento
 Art Institute Of Michigan
 Art Institute Of New York City
 Art Institute Of Pittsburgh
 Art Institute Of Pittsburgh-Online
 Art Institute Of Washington
 Art Institutes International-Kansas City
 Ashworth College
 Brown Mackie College-Akron
 Devry University-Orlando South
 ECPI College Of Technology-Innsbrook
 ECPI College Of Technology-Raleigh
 ECPI College Of Technology-Richmond
 Expression College For Digital Arts
 Fashion Institute Of Design & Merchandising
 ITT Technical Institute-South Bend
 ITT Technical Institute-Springfield
 ITT Technical Institute-Strongsville
 Medical Careers Institute
 South University-Alabama
 South University-Georgia
[Source: News 25 Apr 2012 ++]


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