SBA Vet Issues

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

On 21 May Senators Burr (R-NC) and Brown (R-MA) joined the next day by Senator Heller (R-NV) introduced S.3210. This bill would amend the Veterans’ Benefits Code under the Department of Veterans Affairs to allow for a 3-year transfer period of contracting benefits under the VA’s service disabled veteran owned small business (SDVOSB) program to a surviving spouse if a veteran dies of causes not related to service. This change would allow the surviving spouse to have the time to either transfer the business to another qualified veteran or to make other plans to let the business survive and continue. Presently, unless the veteran owner dies of a service connected cause the business immediately loses all the veteran benefits. Senator Burr (R-NC) explained the need for the bill by saying: “Our nation’s disabled veterans and their families have sacrificed much for our country, and we will forever be in their debt. Military families are the backbone of our armed forces, and many of them have faced grave difficulties as their loved ones suffer from physical and emotional wounds of military service. Giving the surviving spouse of a deceased disabled veteran sufficient time to plan for the future of their family-owned business is one small way to express our gratitude.” Senator Brown added:” “We honor our veterans by the way we take care of their families. Our veterans’ spouses have sacrificed so much, and a family business shouldn’t be punished when a veteran unexpectedly passes away. Their spouse should have some time to get the business on solid ground. My bill provides a three year transition period where spouses and families will have the opportunity to keep a veteran-owned business stable as they prepare for the future.” [Source: TREA News for the Enlisted 1 Jun 2012 ++]


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