TRICARE Pharmacy Mail Order

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

The House version of the 2012 NDAA bill would establish a five-year pilot program in which all TFL beneficiaries would be required to use the TRICARE Pharmacy mail-order system for at least one year to refill any maintenance medications (waivers would be allowed under certain hardship or other conditions); after one year, beneficiaries could opt out of mail-order participation . In anticipation that this will be enacted and for those who are not currently enrolled in this program the following Q & A is provided:
Q: How long does it take to set up an account with the mail-order system?
A. You should allow two to three weeks between registering for mail-order and the first delivery of medication.
Q: How can I use the mail-order pharmacy if I need medication right away?
A: The initial prescription fill can be made through a military or retail pharmacy. The mail-order system is only for refills. Emergency or temporary medications such as pain relievers, antibiotics, etc. would still be filled in retail or military pharmacies.
Q. How would I start using the mail-order system?
A. You start by registering with the system. That can be done on-line, but many prefer to talk to a real person by phone at 1-877-363-1303. You'll need a 90-day prescription from your doctor, vs. the 30-day prescription normally provided through retail stores. If you already have a 30-day supply of medication, you can mail or fax the 90-day prescription to Express Scripts, or the Express Scripts agent can help you have an existing 90-day prescription transferred to the mail-order system. If it's a new prescription you've never used before, take the 90-day prescription to the retail or military pharmacy and ask for a 30-day supply, then call the mail-order agent to have the prescription transferred to the mail-order system so you'll receive your first delivery in a couple of weeks. If your doctor electronically prescribes, as many do, the mail order pharmacy can accept these prescriptions also.
Q: What happens when I use up the refills?
A: The mail-order system provides you a reminder when it's time to order a refill (by email if you signed up on line) or when a prescription will expire. At your request, the mail-order agent will contact your doctor to get the prescription renewed.
Q. What happens if my medication gets lost in the mail or otherwise doesn't arrive before my existing supply is about to run out?
A. If you are low or out of your medication and need immediate assistance, contact Express Scripts Customer Service at (877) 363-1303. Express Scripts can issue an override that will allow you to pick up your prescription at the retail pharmacy or send you a replacement order.
Q: I live in a very hot location. Won't medications be spoiled if they're left in a hot mailbox for hours?
A: The mail order pharmacy takes special precautions with medications that can be effected by extreme temperatures. Coolers are used to protect certain medications against temperature extremes. Beneficiaries can request specialty processing and scheduled delivery if there continues to be concern about a cooler being left on the front porch.
Q: Where can I go to find out more about this program?
A. Refer to
[Source: MOAA Leg Up 8 Jun 2012 ++]


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