Posted: July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

The IRS and Maryland’s comptroller are warning of a new scam that targets military personnel and retirees as well as civilian workers. Emails, which seem to come from the Defense Finance and Accounting Services, claim that recipients of disability compensation from the VA may be entitled to more money from the IRS. Not true. The email, which has a “.mil” domain, instructs recipients to send copies of their income tax returns, 1099-Rs, Retiree Account Statements, VA award letter to a colonel in Florida, officials say. With that kind of information, a con artist can steal an identity and wreak all sorts of havoc on a victim’s finances. The IRS says beware of any emails out of the blue promising benefits. Also, if you think it may be legit, contact the agency on your own — don’t respond to the email. And any email or phone solicitation asking for your Social Security number should send you running. [Source: The Baltimore Sun Eileen Ambrose article 6 Jun 2012 ++]


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