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The Government Accountability Office’s (GAO) study of the last completed round of Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) concluded that implementation costs have risen from the predicted $21 billion to $35 billion by 30 SEP 2011 when the latest round of BRAC was formally completed. (Not that there is not still fine tuning going on today). Many projects were much more expensive than predicted. These included:
 Closing the original Walter Reed in DC and moving it to Bethesda (now called Walter Reed Military Medical Center) and a newly built hospital on Ft. Belvoir to provide “world-class medical care.” It cost $1.7 billion more than originally budgeted.
 Closing Ft. Monmouth N.J. and moving its various missions to Aberdeen Proving Ground, Fort Meade, and Fort Belvoir cost 1.1 billion more than expected. The biggest increase when the Army realized that they needed 750,000 additional square feet of space constructed for the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Center of Excellence at Aberdeen.
 Creating 12 joint bases across the country.
 Consolidating several National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) locations to one campus on Ft. Belvoir cost $1.5 billion more than the original estimate of $1.1 billion. The original estimate did not include a needed new technology center a data-storage warehouse of 200,000 square feet and information technology equipment and software, internal communication cabling, and furnishings to outfit the new buildings.” according to the GAO.
The complete BRAC exercise was expected to save the federal government $36 billion by 2025. However with these and other additional costs the GAO states that DoD will save less than $10 billion by 2025. And who knows what further additional costs will be discovered. When the Administration requested that Congress authorize 2 additional rounds of BRAC- there was deadly silence. With this new information it is clear that Congress will not be tempted to take up the proposal anytime in the near future. [Source: TREA News for the Enlisted 6 Jul 2012 ++]


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