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Posted: August 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Justice Department announced 2 JUL it is awarding $111 million in grants to hire 800 U.S. military veterans for law enforcement positions. The grants, awarded by the Justice Department's Office of Community Oriented Policing Service, are part of President Barack Obama's initiative to put veterans to work in jobs utilizing skills they learned in the military, a news release from the office said. "Today, we step up our support for recent veterans by offering them the chance to pursue meaningful careers in law enforcement," Attorney General Eric Holder said. "At a time of budget shortfalls, these grants will provide opportunities for much-needed, highly-trained professionals — with a proven commitment to service — to continue their careers in communities all across the country." The funds will create more than 600 new law enforcement jobs and will save another 200 positions in jeopardy of being cut or recently lost due to local budget cuts, the release said. [Source: article 3 Jul 2012 ++]



The VFW announced that its partly owned veterans jobs board has secured an exclusive employment initiative with Alberta, Canada, that could see thousands of skilled U.S. veterans heading north to work on their oil pipeline. “Though America’s Keystone Pipeline is delayed, the Canadians are moving forward on their side of the border and have an immediate need for tens of thousands of workers,” said Ted Daywalt, founder and CEO of VetJobs. There is an anticipated shortage of 114,000 workers in the Alberta area. The positions being offered are long term, with many paying as much as 30 percent more than similar industry positions in the United States. Some positions will require a move to Canada, but many others will allow veterans to commute — working several weeks in Canada, then one week back home. “This is a fantastic opportunity and I’m proud of our affiliation with VetJobs,” said VFW National Commander Richard DeNoyer. “Helping thousands of veterans to get well-paying jobs in an important industry just further proves that no one does more for veterans than the VFW.” To apply, go to , click on Search Jobs, then type “opportunity awaits” into the company search field. Additional job postings will be added in the coming months as the Canadian pipeline project progresses. To read the VFW’s full statement on the announcement, refer to [Source: VFW Washington Weekly 6 Jul 2012 ++]



On 11 JUL legislation introduced by U.S. Representatives Jeff Denham (R-CA) and original co-sponsor Representative Tim Walz (D-MN) passed the U.S. Senate with unanimous support. That vote came 2 days after the House passed the legislation. The Act should make it easier for veterans to find jobs using skills acquired through military. The bill will now head to the President’s desk to be signed into law. Earlier this year, Denham and Walz introduced H.R.4155, the Veteran Skills to Jobs Act, to address the unacceptably high rate of veteran unemployment by streamlining the federal certification process and cutting through the bureaucratic red tape, making it easier for veterans to utilize the skills they acquired in the military to find work at home. When the House was considering the bill Representative Denham explained: “Rather than forcing veterans to go through redundant training for jobs they are already qualified for, this legislation directs the head of each federal department and agency to treat relevant military training as sufficient to satisfy training or certification requirements for federal license. Veterans with the relevant training would be eligible to receive a federal license and get back to work immediately” After its passage by the Senate the sponsor and cosponsor had the following comments:
 Representative Walz said: “Today marks a giant step forward towards promoting opportunity and prosperity for our returning veterans, while at the same time improving the efficiency of our government. We must do all we can to ensure our veterans are finding careers that give them the opportunity to utilize their skills, support their families, and have passion for their work. This bill will work to do just that and I’m pleased that both parties were able to work together in bipartisan fashion and send this common-sense bill to the President’s desk to become law. The work does not end here, however, and I will continue to fight for ways to ensure our brave warriors are able to find good paying jobs when they get home.”
 Rep. Denham said, “America is blessed with the strongest, most capable and professional military in the world. Unfortunately for many of our returning veterans, transitioning into the civilian workforce means a battle with joblessness. The federal government has invested in our service members and should do everything it can to ensure that they can put their skills to work. I’m proud to have worked with my colleagues in the House and Senate on both sides of the aisle to uphold our commitment to our veterans and ensure a seamless transition to civilian life.”
The federal government issues licenses in the areas of aerospace, communications, energy and maritime. Companion legislation was subsequently introduced by Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) in the Senate as S.2239, the Veterans Skills to Jobs Act of 2012 [Source: TREA News for the Enlisted 13 Jul 2012 ++]


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