Navy Green Fuel

Posted: August 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Navy is going ahead with an initiative to power ships with biofuel, despite criticism of the cost. The “green fuel” costs nearly seven times more than conventional fuel. This month marks the first time the Navy is using biofuel in an operational setting — sending five ships to participate in a multi-nation exercise off the coast of Hawaii. A Navy official said that sailing the so-called “Great Green Fleet” this month on the 50-50 blend of alternative and conventional fuel is part of Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’ plan to have half the Navy fleet on alternative fuel by 2020. The spokesman also confirmed the fuel — which does not require engine modifications — costs $26 a gallon compared to $3.60 a gallon for conventional fuel. However, he pointed out the cost was for a one-day supply and that prices will drop when the Pentagon, among the country’s biggest fuel users, buys more. Members of Congress have highly criticized the Mabus’ plan because they believe DoD is not in the business of developing alternative fuels. That would be better left to the private sector. They also criticize the high costs involved. And, of course, we continue to hear top defense officials tell Congress and everybody else that health care costs are “eating them alive.” [Source: NAUS Weekly Update 3 Jul 2012 ++]


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