VA Appeals

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To assist veterans with appeals pending the Board of Veterans' Appeals (Board or BVA) provides a customer service home page at . The Status help desk is under the Chairman of the Board of Veterans Appeals and the Director of Administration. The help desk has been set up to answer your questions, give a status on your case, or direct you to the best possible referral source to answer your questions. They will monitor the issues you raise and provide that information to the Chairman and Director. This is not a chat room, so they are unable to communicate with you as you type. They do however, acknowledge, and respond to every E-mail sent. The E-mails are answered in the order in which they are received. For an Email status report on your claim before the Board o state your name, file number and request, and click on the ‘Ask a Question’ tab near the bottom of the webpage. If you claim is not before the Board, note the contact numbers or email for your appropriate Regional Office. All Facebook, Twitter, and Internet addresses will not be answered, nor will political statements, and they will be deleted. They may request verifying information to protect the privacy of our Veterans. The Board also can be reached 1-800-923-8387 M-F 09-1630 EST of by FAX: 1 -202-34-1889 or mail: Board of Veterans’ Appeals, 810 Vermont Avenue, North West, Washington, DC 20420 . For issues other than determining appeal status the following guidance is offered:
 Once BVA issues a decision (including a remand – i.e., sent back to be redone properly), it no longer has the authority to act on the appeal. Contact the Appeals Management Center (AMC), your local Regional Office (VARO) or your representative (if you have one to advocate on your behalf). If your residence is in a foreign country, contact the VBA Foreign Service Program
 If you are seeking legal assistance with a claim, contact your local Regional Office at for a list of Veterans Service Organizations in your area.
 If you owe the VA money, contact the Debt Management Center
 If you wish to report fraud, waste or abuse in any VA program, contact the VA Office of Inspector General
 If you have an original education claim, contact the VA Educational Benefits Program
 If you have an original home loan guarantee claim, contact the VA Home Loan Program
 If you have an original VA life insurance claim, contact the VA Life Insurance Program
 If you have an original claim as a surviving spouse or dependent, contact the VA Veterans Services Outreach or your local Regional Office
 If you have an original request for burial and memorial benefits, contact the VA National Cemetery Administration
 If you are seeking copies of your military records, contact the National Personnel Records Center
 If you are seeking a medal upgrade, contact the appropriate military department Public Affairs Office.
 If you are seeking information about an upgrade or review of your discharge, complete the application form at Military Discharge Upgrade
 If you are seeking a correction of your military records, complete the application form at Correction of Military Records
 If you would like to have a hearing before a Veterans Law Judge, consider requesting a video hearing
[Source: Jun 2012 ++]


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